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Installation Services

Teclab offers comprehensive professional laboratory furniture installation services.

No One Knows Your Teclab Product Better Than We Do.

When it comes time to install your Teclab laboratory furniture we offer the services of our professionally trained installation team. No matter how big or small your project, we can make sure all the pieces go in the right place and on time so your Teclab purchase is truly a one stop shopping experience. Our installers take pride in assembling your custom designed laboratory quickly and efficiently while working within your schedule or your contractors schedule.

We can go virtually anywhere in the world to complete the job the right way so you can start the important work your laboratory was designed for. Make sure to ask about installation when getting your quote and let Teclab make this the easiest part of your laboratory building project.

We’ll remove all packaging material then assemble and level all pieces taking all the hassles and worries out of the installation process. Contact us for all the installation details. We’re here to help.

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Teclab Laboratory Installation

Sample Installation
Sample Installation