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About Teclab

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Teclab Philosophy: Meeting the Challenge

The Teclab design philosophy is based on the premise that a quality working environment is inseparably linked to better job performance, higher levels of productivity, and an improved feeling of well-being.

As an integral part of a quality working environment, Teclab Workbench Systems are designed to provide flawless function, convenience, correct ergonomics, and a modern, pleasing appearance that compliments and enhances their surroundings.

We design and manufacture each Teclab bench component to our own critical set of standards; the toughest in the industry. Each component is manufactured with the finest materials available, and designed without compromise with a total commitment to quality.

The Teclab heritage includes pioneering new and innovative workbench features, features that provide our users with optimum performance and reliability. This experience has contributed to our development of the industry's most sophisticated and effective workbench systems.

Lawrence P. Draves

Teclab Bench